The Gifted Guide: Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Gifting

corporate gifting

Giving the right corporate appreciation tokens can powerfully impact business relationships by fostering connections and deepening ties. Conversely, a poorly chosen present can inadvertently send the wrong signals, souring relationships. Therefore, corporate gifting is an art that demands meticulous thought and consideration.

What is Corporate Gifting?

At its core, business gifting is more than just exchanging presents; it’s a gesture of appreciation, a means to recognise hard work, celebrate milestones, or cultivate business relationships. It’s an investment in a bond, signaling trust and mutual respect. And as with any investment, the returns can be substantial when done correctly.

Corporate gifting to show appreciation
Corporate gifting to show appreciation

Business Gifting Guide: Minding Your Corporate Gift Etiquette

1. Research First to Find Out the Corporate Gifting Best Practices

Before diving into selecting the ideal gifts for your business partners, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with the company’s gifting policy to determine the corporate present do’s and don’ts. 

Some organisations have strict limitations on the value or type of gifts they can receive, especially in monetary form. Organisations, particularly those in sectors like financial institutions or government bodies, often have policies limiting or prohibiting certain gifts due to the sensitivity surrounding issues like project tendering or potential bribery. These measures ensure transparency, fairness, and adherence to ethical standards, especially in areas susceptible to corruption or undue influence.

Additionally, putting a little effort into discerning the recipient’s preferences can go a long way. It ensures the gift aligns with their tastes, making it memorable and impactful.

2. The Art of Customisation

A personalised touch in corporate gifting is invaluable. By customising a gift for your VIP through an engraved name or incorporating elements unique to the recipient, the gesture becomes all the more heartfelt. Including a personalised gift card can also serve as a cherry on top, making the receiver feel genuinely valued and recognised. 

Customising corporate gift
Customising corporate gift

3. Quality Over Everything

In the comprehensive guide to corporate gift sets, cutting corners on quality can backfire. A subpar gift could inadvertently convey a lack of care or respect. Always ensure that the chosen gift is premium corporate merchandise, reflecting your respect for the recipient and the relationship.

4. Budgeting Wisely

While quality is paramount, working within a budget is equally crucial. Striking the right balance is key: aim for corporate gift sets that exude premium quality without breaking the bank. Thoughtfulness doesn’t necessarily equate to monetary value—the sentiment behind the gift counts most.

5. Packaging Matters

A gift is often judged by its cover, especially in the corporate world. Elegant, tasteful packaging elevates the gift’s perceived value and showcases the thought put into the gesture. A beautifully wrapped piece of corporate merchandise sets the tone for what’s inside, creating an air of anticipation and delight. 

Packaging for corporate merchandise or gifts matter
Packaging for corporate merchandise or gifts matter

The Don’ts in Professional Gift-Giving Standards

1. Avoiding Overly Personal or Controversial Gifts

While it’s essential to select gifts with a personal touch, steer clear of items that might be too intimate or spark controversy. Treading the fine line between personal and professional ensures the gift remains appropriate and well-received. 

General guidelines for business gifts typically deem items like lingerie or those that violate certain religious practices. 

2. Refrain from Gifting Self-Promotional Items

While gift sets for businesses are thoughtful ways to strengthen business relationships, certain missteps can undermine your intentions. Keep your present free of items that could be seen as promotional for your own company; your gift should focus on the recipient, not serve as an advertisement. 

Expert Tips on Corporate Gift Selection

Gift-giving in the corporate realm requires a nuanced approach. Some universally appreciated gifts include stationery sets, high-quality pens, leather-bound notebooks, or even gourmet gift baskets. Remember, the key lies in aligning the gift with the recipient’s preferences and the occasion’s context.

Gourmet gift as part of corporate gift selection
Gourmet gift as part of corporate gift selection

If you’re unsure, reach out to In C Studio team for tailored corporate token options and business merchandise tips. You can also check out our article on the 10 best corporate gift ideas in Malaysia. 

Or if you’re looking for corporate gifting solutions for your employees, explore our top 20 best staff appreciation gift ideas in Malaysia.


Mastering the art of corporate gifting can significantly bolster business relationships by bridging gaps and fostering mutual appreciation. By adhering to these business gift etiquette insights, you’re well on your way to making thoughtful, impactful gestures that resonate and gaining expertise in business gifting.


Navigating corporate gifting is not difficult. The first step is always to research the company’s gifting policy and ensure the gift is appropriate for the relationship. Present it in tasteful packaging. A personalised note or card is a corporate token essential.
Thank the giver graciously, regardless of your personal opinion of the gift. If company policy prohibits accepting certain gifts, kindly explain the rules and return the gift, expressing your appreciation for the gesture.
Gifts that are overly personal, lavish, or potentially controversial, such as items with political or religious symbols, are generally not appropriate for business settings.
Politely address the issue directly with the giver, expressing gratitude while explaining your comfort level or company policies that might be breached by such gifts. If appropriate, consider setting mutual gifting boundaries.
Unethical gifting involves giving or receiving gifts intending to influence decisions, gain unfair advantages, bypass regulations, or create conflicts of interest. It can be considered a form of bribery in certain contexts.

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