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Established in 2018, we proudly stand as Malaysia’s premier gift shop, focusing on the art of pine wood packaging while adding protection and natural elegance to your gifts. At In C Studio, we curate uniquely memorable gifts with a minimalist touch, aligning with the latest trends. As a dedicated wholesale and premium gift supplier in Malaysia, our mission is to assist clients in crafting imaginative ideas for corporate events, meetings, annual dinners, and advertising campaigns.

From concept to delivery, we offer a hassle-free, one-stop solution, ensuring a seamless process from product sourcing to branding. Embrace the minimalism trend with our carefully curated premium gifts in Malaysia, making a statement through simplicity and thoughtful design.

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Check out our collection of seasonal corporate gift boxes and other corporate gifts in Malaysia, where quality and thoughtful design meet our customisation options. Discover the perfect expression of appreciation and distinction as you browse through our selection, meticulously crafted to elevate your corporate gifting experience.

Our insightful article explains the significance of customised corporate gifts in Malaysia. Explore further with our articles offering exciting seasonal corporate gift box ideas for staff appreciation gifts, including mooncake gift boxes, Christmas gift sets, and Hari Raya gift boxes.

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Explore a world of thoughtful gifting with our diverse range of products, from adorable newborn baby gifts to personalised wine options and presents tailored for him and her.

Your Source for Premium Gifts in Malaysia

At In C Studio, we’re more than a premium corporate gift supplier in Malaysia; we’re your trusted partner for personalised corporate gift box solutions. Based in Puchong, our dedication to excellence knows no bounds, offering free shipping within West Malaysia.

Contact us today to redefine the art of premium gifting. Explore inspiring corporate gift ideas in Malaysia for employees as appreciation gifts for staff or clients in our articles.

Customising Your Premium Gifts

We recognise that there’s no universal solution for customised premium gifts in Malaysia. That’s why we prioritise understanding your specific needs and requirements before proceeding with your order. Rest assured, we’ll guide you through each step meticulously. Your customised premium gifts will be ready in no time!

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A premium gift is characterised by its superior quality, coupled with elegant and sophisticated packaging. These gifts often feature personalised elements like individual name printing, logo prints, or customised packaging, elevating the overall presentation and creating a luxurious and memorable experience for the recipient.

​​While all three—premium gift, corporate gift, and door gift—share the nature of being giveaways, they serve distinct purposes. Premium gifts, marked by higher costs and elevated customization standards, target a specific audience. Corporate gifts are commonly used in appreciation events, brand promotion, and targeted messaging. On the other hand, door gifts, distributed widely among participants, have a general purpose of attraction and appreciation.

Choosing a reputable premium gift supplier in Malaysia involves considering several factors:

  • Quality Assurance

Ensure the supplier maintains high standards for the quality of their products. Request samples or reviews to assess the quality of their premium gifts.

  • Customisation Options

Look for a supplier that offers a range of customisation options, such as individual name printing, logo prints, or personalised packaging. This ensures your premium gifts align with your brand identity.

  • Product Variety

Opt for a supplier with a diverse range of premium gifts. A wide selection allows you to choose gifts that resonate well with your target audience.

  • Experience and Reputation

Check the supplier’s track record and customer reviews. A supplier with a positive reputation and years of experience is likely to provide reliable and quality services.

  • Budget Consideration

Consider your budget constraints and ensure the supplier offers a range of premium gifts that align with your financial parameters without compromising quality.

  • Delivery and Shipping

Inquire about the supplier’s delivery process. A reliable supplier should offer timely delivery services, including options for shipping within Malaysia.

  • Sustainability Practices

If environmental concerns are important to you, consider a supplier that follows sustainable practices in their manufacturing processes and packaging.

  • Customer Support

Assess the level of customer support provided by the premium gift supplier. A responsive and helpful team ensures a smoother communication process and addresses any concerns promptly.

  • Flexibility in Quantities

Check if the supplier is flexible with order quantities. This is particularly important for businesses with varying gifting needs.

  • Compliance and Certification

Ensure the supplier adheres to industry standards and possesses the necessary certifications. This demonstrates their commitment to quality and ethical practices.

Contact our premium gift consultants at In C Studio to help you choose the right gift for any occasion.

A premium gift supplier in Malaysia can assist businesses with their corporate gifting needs by providing personalised consultation, sourcing premium gift items, offering customisation options such as branding and packaging, and ensuring timely delivery to recipients.

In C Studio is a reliable corporate gift supplier in Malaysia. We not only meet but exceed these expectations with our tailored Malaysia premium gift options, trusted by a diverse range of clients for their gifting solutions. Contact us now.

How can businesses ensure that the premium gifts they choose from a supplier in Malaysia align with their brand image and values?

Businesses can ensure that the premium gifts they choose from a supplier in Malaysia align with their brand image and values by communicating their preferences, collaborating closely with the supplier on customisation options, and reviewing product samples or mock-ups before finalising orders. This ensures that the selected gifts reflect the company’s identity and resonate with recipients.

For inspiration on premium gift options available in Malaysia, explore our article highlighting the 10 best corporate gift ideas in Malaysia.

Client Testimonials

Suba raviSuba ravi
11:25 27 Jul 23
Great service. Will definitely purchase again. Highly recommended gift shop. Such a beautiful work. Love the gift ❤️ They’re managed to prepare my gift within an hour.
KC LeeKC Lee
09:22 05 Dec 22
Was looking a classy customised gift set for my company anniversary dinner and am so lucky to have found In C Studio. Director Ms. Lai Yee attended to all my request and delivered. All recipients of the gift set is so happy and says it is nicely done and one of the kind.
grace lumgrace lum
15:43 28 Jan 21
Sian Chin TanSian Chin Tan
11:02 27 Jan 21
The service attitude is very good👍 and the delivery is also fast. Thank you ❤️❤️
sharafi karimsharafi karim
12:02 23 Jan 21
YiChian WongYiChian Wong
01:10 08 Jan 21
One of the best places to make a purchase! Excellent shopping experience with patient and supportive customer service. My friends loved the gifts. Will definitely shop here again!
Ian WongIan Wong
00:35 08 Jan 21
Beautiful gift and gift box. The box can even be used for storage. Looks good as a storage box too. I love it. My friends love it.
Desmond TayDesmond Tay
14:54 07 Jan 21
Very fine crafted gift box. My friend loves it very much. Will definitely purchase again. Highly recommend !!!