About In C Studio

In 2018, In C Studio is proud to be Malaysia’s first gift shop that focuses on pine wood packaging. We provide our customers the most unique & memorable gifts, with a minimalist feel as Minimalist theme is the trend now. With our expertise in laser engraving, we have served numerous corporate clients across Malaysia and Singapore for their gifting needs, and we strive to only hand-craft quality gifts to meet their requirements and leave a lasting impression. At In C Studio, we believe that gifting should be more than just a product you give – it’s about the thought and care that goes into each gift. That’s why we’ve taken a sustainable approach to gifting, using pine wood packaging that is both eco-friendly and reusable.


As an interior designer in heart,

I always present a practical yet creative set-up that isn’t just for show and a waste of money.

That’s why I believe gift boxes, with human-curated items, make for better and more meaningful gifts.

Why wood? To me, wood is a long-lasting, warming, and natural product. I love its texture, its smell, and its rustic feel.

So for my wooden gift boxes, I’ve chosen to use pine wood. It is very strong with a visible wood grain, making it the best wood for a versatile and sturdy packaging.

If you’re like me – a fan of artistic simplicity, then you’ll love what I have to offer.