Custom Corporate Mooncake Gift Set for Mid Autumn Festival in Malaysia

Background of the Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Full Moon or Mooncake Festival, is a cornerstone of traditional Asian culture. Celebrated on lunar month, it’s a festival rich with lunar celebrations, moon worship, and lantern festivities. This year, the festival falls on the 29th of September. Deeply rooted in legend and history, it’s often likened to the Chinese Lantern Festival. 

Mooncakes are originally from China with a long and rich history dating back over 1000 years
Mooncakes are originally from China, with a long and rich history dating back over 1,000 years.

Yet, the Mid-Autumn Festival transcends mere celebration. It evokes feelings of connection to one’s heritage and serves as a vibrant affirmation of life. Central to this festive spirit are mooncakes. Whether gifted or shared amongst family, these festive treats symbolise love and unity, making them an enduring emblem of the festival.

Different Types of Mooncakes to Choose From

The mid-autumn festive treats come in different types, but they can be broadly categorised into traditional and modern mooncakes, both available in sweet or savoury flavours. 

The traditional varieties are influenced by their Chinese regional origins, such as Shanghai or Hong Kong, each with its own distinct look, texture, and taste, and are usually baked. Modern mooncakes, on the other hand, are shaped by contemporary tastes and are typically enjoyed cold, often with a delicate ‘snow skin’ exterior.

In anticipation of the festival and filled with the spirit of generosity and auspiciousness, shops and restaurants begin showcasing mooncakes months in advance.

Due to their longer shelf life and lack of need for refrigeration, traditional mooncakes are especially favoured for mid-autumn gift sets. In Malaysia, some of the popular mooncake flavours include red bean, pandan, lotus seed filling, and mixed nuts, with or without yolk.

Traditional mooncakes come in a wide array of flavours ranging from sweet to savoury
Traditional mooncakes come in a wide array of flavours, ranging from sweet to savoury.
Lotus seed filling mooncake with single egg yolk
Lotus seed filling mooncake with single egg yolk

Mid Autumn Festival Gifts: Enjoying Asian Mooncakes with Tea 

To enhance your mooncake experience, enjoy them with a cup of hot tea to balance their richness. You can explore custom mooncake gift sets that pair different mooncake flavours with tea sachets. These make lovely corporate gifts during mooncake festivals.

Pairing mooncakes with hot tea has become a popular choice.
Pairing mooncakes with hot tea has become a popular choice.

Custom Corporate Mooncake Gift Set – Personalised Laser Engraving

Businesses looking to extend warm wishes to clients, business partners, or their employees can turn to In C Studio Gift Malaysia for custom corporate mooncake gift sets

Personalised message on the custom corporate mooncake gift set
Personalised message on the custom corporate mooncake gift set

A prime example is our top-selling Mooncake Gift Set 03 where you can add a personalised name or wish directly onto its lid or the side for that extra special touch. 

Personalised name on the mooncake gift box set 03
Personalised name on the mooncake gift box set 03

Additionally, names can be customised using vinyl stickers available in a range of colors, including black, white, matt gold, glossy gold, silver, and hologram.

These thoughtfully curated sets provide a distinctive touch to Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations, ensuring they leave a lasting impression and stand as a cherished gesture.

Personalised laser engraving on the wood pine mooncake gift box
Personalised laser engraving on the wood pine mooncake gift box

Malaysia, celebrated for its rich cultural mosaic, upholds the custom of sharing festive delicacies across all its communities. In C Studio exemplifies this inclusive spirit by offering Halal-certified mooncakes, ensuring that everyone can immerse themselves in the Mid-Autumn Festival’s joy.

So, as the full moon graces the night sky, let’s come together beneath its gentle glow, savouring mooncakes and their stories and building connections that span generations and cultures. 

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Wishing you and your family a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival filled with warmth and togetherness, and consider sharing a thoughtful custom-made gift to make this celebration even more special.

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1. How is Mooncake Festival celebrated in Malaysia?

Malaysians celebrate the Mooncake Festival with family reunions, mooncake sharing, and cultural activities like lantern processions and traditional performances.

2. Do people give gifts for Mid-Autumn Festival?

Yes, exchanging gifts is common during festivals to show goodwill and strengthen relationships. 

3. What gifts should I give for the Moon Festival?

When selecting gifts for the Moon Festival, you have many options. A traditional mooncake gift box always stands out, and adding a personalised name engraving elevates its sentiment. 

Pairing your mooncakes with fine teas like jasmine or oolong makes for a delightful combination. Alternatively, consider complementing the mooncake gift box with a bottle of red wine, a candle, or a lantern from In C Studio for a holistic festive experience. Colourful lanterns, symbolising brightness, make delightful gifts, especially for children. 

4. How do I choose a moon cake?

Consider flavour, type (baked or snow skin), filling (sweet or savoury), and any dietary restrictions when choosing a mooncake.

5. Can you give mooncakes after the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Yes, it’s acceptable to give mooncakes before or after the festival as a gesture of goodwill.

6. Can Muslims eat mooncakes?

Muslims can enjoy Halal-certified mooncakes that do not contain pork or alcohol. It’s essential to check the ingredients for dietary compliance.

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