10 Custom ESG-Inspired Corporate Anniversary Gift Ideas for Employees & Companies

Show your appreciation by giving a company anniversary gifts to employees

Corporate anniversary gifts are essential for both employees and companies. They offer companies a unique opportunity to celebrate milestones in a personalised and memorable way. These milestones provide an opportunity to reflect on achievements, express gratitude to employees, clients, and partners, and strengthen relationships within the corporate community.

This article delves into unique custom ESG-inspired corporate anniversary gift ideas tailored to honour your company’s history and achievements.
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Why Should You Customise Company Anniversary Gifts?

Custom premium corporate gifts are especially effective in commemorating company milestones. Beyond mere tokens, these gifts offer a unique opportunity to express appreciation and reinforce bonds with employees, clients, and stakeholders. 

Here are the specialities that make custom corporate anniversary gifts stand out:

  1. Personalise Recognition

Tailored corporate incentive gifts (link to article topic 13 once published) allow companies to acknowledge individual contributions and milestones, enhancing the gesture’s significance.

  1. Reinforce Brand Identity

Personalised business anniversary gifts incorporating branding elements help reinforce the company’s identity and values, leaving a lasting impression.

  1. Strengthen Relationships

Customised gifts demonstrate thoughtfulness and appreciation, fostering stronger connections with employees, clients, and stakeholders.

  1. Celebrate Milestones Creatively

Unique and personalised gifts add an element of creativity and celebration to commemorate corporate anniversaries, making the occasion memorable.

  1. Enhance Employee Morale

Recognising achievements through custom gifts boosts morale, motivating employees and promoting a positive work culture.

10 Best ESG-Inspired Custom Corporate Anniversary Gift Ideas for Employees and Companies

According to PWC, companies contribute to positive environmental and social impact by choosing corporate incentive gifts that adhere to ESG principles. More than 91% of business leaders support sustainable production methods, ethical sourcing, and responsible consumption. Furthermore, they foster employee engagement and loyalty by showcasing the organisation’s commitment to societal betterment.

Explore our curated collection of the 10 best ESG-inspired custom corporate anniversary gift ideas featuring corporate gift suppliers. Personalise these gifts below to reflect your company’s unique identity and achievements while aligning with Environmental, Social and Governance.

  1. Engraving or Embossing
Engrave your company name for the corporate anniversary gift ideas

Personalised company anniversary gifts with the recipient’s name, logo, or a special message offer a unique touch that strengthens relationships and fosters goodwill. By engraving or embossing wooden gift ideas, companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability while providing recipients with a thoughtful and environmentally responsible gift choice.

  1. Custom Packaging
Custom packaging makes corporate anniversary gift ideas for employees stand out.

Carry a durable, eco-friendly cup to stay hydrated and reduce plastic bottle usage. You can create custom gift packaging, incorporating the company’s branding elements and anniversary theme to add an extra layer of personalisation while utilising sustainable materials such as wood. This ensures a memorable unboxing experience for recipients and aligns with ESG principles, promoting environmental conservation and enhancing the sentiment behind each corporate anniversary gift.

  1. Retreat Items
Create retreat items as part of business anniversary gift ideas

Elevate your corporate retreat with company anniversary gifts for attendees, from branded relaxation kits to custom wellness journals. Delight employees alike with personalised coffee sets, a stylish and eco-conscious way to enjoy beverages on the go. These ESG-inspired items enhance the retreat experience and demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility and social consciousness. 

  1. Wellness Gift Box
Customised wellness gift filled with premium treats

Each wellness gift box is crafted from eco-friendly materials, with wood as the primary resource. This promotes environmental sustainability and embodies the commitment to ESG principles. This thoughtful selection includes wellness teas, vitamins, and supplements that offer a holistic self-care experience. By choosing eco-friendly materials, we reduce our ecological footprint while demonstrating care for both the recipient and the planet.

  1. Premium Office Supplies
Design an exclusive office supplier for a company anniversary gifts for employees

Elevate your workspace with our premium office supplies, meticulously crafted from sustainable materials like wood or other eco-friendly alternatives, ensuring durability, style, and environmental responsibility. Keep your workspace organised and eco-conscious with reusable wooden desk organisers crafted from sustainable materials. Experience luxury with a conscience.

  1. Fruit Basket
Selecting a healthy option for a corporate anniversary gift using fruit basket

Celebrate your company’s milestone with a bountiful fruit basket overflowing with premium seasonal fruits to delight employees and clients alike, all crafted from eco-friendly materials such as sustainably sourced wood. Our custom fruit basket for corporate anniversary gifts symbolises growth, abundance, and prosperity and embodies your commitment to environmental stewardship. 

  1. Coffee Set
Upgrade the custom anniversary gift with a premium coffee set

The coffee set, meticulously crafted from sustainable wood, enhances your coffee experience and reflects the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Its elegant design and premium craftsmanship convey sophistication and durability, embodying the values of excellence and sustainability. This eco-conscious coffee set serves as a memorable corporate anniversary gift, reinforcing the company’s dedication to quality and ESG principles, whether in office gatherings or quiet moments of reflection.

  1. Luxurious Self-Care Gift Set
Company anniversary gifts include a luxurious self-care gift set

Treat your team to a luxury corporate gift set made from eco-friendly materials like wood, bamboo, or recycled materials, enhancing your company’s ESG initiatives. These personalised sets provide a thoughtful gesture to pamper employees By choosing eco-friendly materials for these gifts, you not only prioritise the well-being of your team but also contribute to a healthier planet, fostering a positive impact beyond the workplace.

  1. Custom Wine Gift Set
Enhance company anniversary gift ideas with personalise wine sets

Presenting a custom wine gift set crafted from sustainable wood elevates the sophistication of promoting environmental responsibility. These personalised sets offer a timeless and elegant way to commemorate business anniversaries, express gratitude to clients and employees, and highlight the company’s commitment to sustainability, strengthening relationships and fostering a shared vision for a sustainable future.

Understanding the nuances and best practices surrounding alcohol gifts is essential. Check out some of the considerations for alcohol gifts in corporate giving and the do’s and don’ts of corporate gifting to ensure compliance, appropriateness, and effectiveness in your gifting strategies. 

  1. Wooden Speaker Set
Wooden speaker gift set makes corporate gifts memorable

Introducing the speaker set from sustainable materials like wood aligns with the ESG principle’s commitment to environmental stewardship. These eco-friendly sets serve as thoughtful gifts for business anniversaries and foster a sense of appreciation among clients and employees, enhancing their connection to the company’s values.


Corporate anniversary awards provide a valuable opportunity to celebrate milestones, appreciate employees, and strengthen relationships with clients and partners. Explore In C Studio’s ESG-inspired custom corporate gift boxes here to showcase the company’s commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical practices. 
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