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    Why us?

    Posted date: 25-Mar-2019

    Do you remember pure bliss and happiness running through your veins when you received your first gift?

    Don’t you want to spread the feeling of utter excitement upon receiving a gift to those around you?

    At In C Studio, we believe that the ultimate gift is not only meaningful and well-thought out but also be able to touch the hearts of people we care so much about by feeling utter happiness. Give the people around you a gift that they will remember eternally, placing you in their hearts forevermore.

    High-quality pine wood boxes that last for life
    A gift that is versatile and sturdy, is a gift worth giving. Pine wood boxes are used for the packaging of In C Studio gift boxes as wood is known to be very lasting.

    Surprise them with lovely & practical gifts
    The gift boxes at In C Studio are hand-picked for each and every one of you. We have curated only the best quality items that are purposive and intricately-made in our gift boxes.

    Beautifully made just for everyone
    When it comes to choosing a gift, we often go for things that may look pretty or extremely expensive but are irrelevant and impractical. With In C Studio, we assure you that these items are practical and functional while still being exquisitely beautiful.

    At the end of the day, In C Studio believes in the core value of gifting, which is spreading happiness to those you love dearly. We prepare these gift boxes of ours with that philosophy in mind. Whomever you choose to gift our gift boxes to, will feel pure bliss and happiness as how you felt when you first opened your first gift.